projects-Real-Time 3D Jewelry Customization and Production Service

Real-Time 3D Jewelry Customization and Production Service

In the field of product design, our aim was to develop a sustainable business model that focuses on enhancing the customer experience, securing designers' design rights, and respecting the value of design. To achieve this, we set out to create an advanced system that incorporates cutting-edge technology, particularly in the realm of 3D jewelry customization. We achieved this by integrating a blockchain copyright system and a distributed storage system, resulting in a comprehensive 3D jewelry customizer. The outcome? We pioneered an entirely new market that no one had ventured into before. Our solution encompassed various methods of 3D customization, culminating in a unique and patent-secured technology that combines 3D generative design and production systems, while ensuring the preservation of designers' creative worth.


  • Fashion & Jewelry


  • Ideation
  • Definition
  • Design
  • Development


  • Blockchain Technology
  • 3D Modeling and Design
  • Distributed Storage System
  • Real-time 3D Display & Customization

Our vision was to create a unique, interactive system: a platform that allowed jewelry customers to customize their designs and see them in real time. Leveraging the power of blockchain technology for a robust copyright system and a distributed storage system for data security, we brought this vision to life.

The challenge

We faced several challenges in this project, including creating a high-performing 3D modeling system, incorporating blockchain into the model copyright process, ensuring data security through a distributed storage system, and registering a patent for the innovative 3D generative design system.

The solution

Although the challenges were numerous, our experienced team emerged victorious by mapping out a detailed software definition for the entire system. Adopting an agile development approach, we iteratively designed and developed each component, ensuring alignment with the project goals. We were able to not only realize the innovative real-time 3D customization and production system but also integrate the blockchain copyright system and the distributed storage system.

Real-Time 3D Jewelry Customization and Production Service
Real-Time 3D Jewelry Customization and Production Service